Updated Exam Creation Tool Released

May 16, 2017 | Product Updates

For folks preparing for the boards and just working through their studies, there is a lot of time pressure and stress involved. We help build confidence, save time, and improve your performance one Topic, Subject or Category at a time.

One of the defining features of our resources from day one (and that’s going back quite a few years) is the ability we provide our learners to create customized assessments for themselves. This capability has been important because one of the hallmarks of our self-testing, self-study system is to help learners 1) identify their strengths and weaknesses and 2) help them select the material to review that is most important to them. This allows for more efficient, targeted study. Unlike some resources we’ve seen, our system provides learners with very granular ways to select study topics. Interested in reviewing cardiology questions but need to go deeper? Our system allows you to drill down into very specific categories, such as cardiomyopathy or valvular heart disorders, and pull questions just from these areas.

Recently we completely refreshed this whole process. So whether you are interested in creating just one self-testing or self-study exam or a set of exams all at once, we help you do that. Firstly, we make it easy to find the broad subject or content area that is most of interesting to you. We call this the Outline. Next the system presents to you the Topics available in that outline. With convenient check boxes you can then select the Topics, Subjects and Categories of most interest to you. You can also choose All questions, questions Answered Incorrectly, or questions Never Answered for even more targeted selection.

Once completed you can name the exam in a way that is meaningful to you, choose whether you want to Take a Test or go into one of our Study or Learning modes. Of course, with whatever type of assessment you choose, you can be certain it contains questions from just those areas of interest to you. And, of course, all tests and provide detailed scoring feedback and performance diagnostics.

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