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We built our expertise and sharpened our tools over 28 years of working with graduate health professions students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners. We build high quality electronic assessments for board review, remediation, benchmarking, and more.

All of our specialized assessments are developed under the highest standards:

Whenever possible, we use the actual test plan, taxonomy, or blueprint from the official certifying authority.

We include only test items that match in form and structure item types found on the actual examinations.

These assessments are organized to have the same item count, similar content weighting, and similar overall structure as the actual exams upon which they are based.

All questions include detailed explanations and references.

Benchmark Exam for Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment (PCOA)


Helping pharmacy schools measure student learning prior to clinical training.


For the last five years, we have been helping pharmacy schools assess their students in the core concepts found on the PCOA.  While the PCOA is not a mandatory examination, it is used by some pharmacy schools to assess whether their students are sufficiently prepared to engage in their clinical training (e.g. APPE’s). 


* Based on the actual PCOA test plan
* 225 test items covering four content domains
* Strong emphasis on comprehension and application learning domains
* Strong emphasis on pharmaceutical and clinical sciences
* Detailed explanations and rationales for all questions
* Includes available supplemental PCOA question bank

Exam Master’s PCOA practice exam helps pharmacy educators benchmark their students in time to identify knowledge gaps before clinicals start.

Multi-State Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE)


One of the most accurate MPJE preparatory examinations available anywhere.


Perhaps one of the most complex examinations we have created, and available for institutional subscription, our MPJE practice exams accurately cover state and federal pharmacy law for selected states.


  • Based on the NABP MPJE competencies
  • Strong emphasis on pharmacy practice
  • Covers both state and federal drug laws
  • Detailed explanations for all questions
  • Includes statutory and regulatory references
  • Includes available federal law MPJE practice exam

Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE)


Realistic assessment of student preparedness for the PANCE.


Exam Master has been providing preparation resources for the PANCE since 2005.  Our special PANCE practice exam is designed to provide the candidate with accurate, relevant content organized like the actual exam.

  • Based on the current NCCPA PANCE test plan
  • Covers 14 body systems
  • Strong emphasis on application and analysis learning domains
  • 300 test items with explanations
  • References for all questions
  • Includes available supplemental PANCE question bank

Students who master our challenging PANCE practice exam can take the PANCE with confidence that they will face no surprises on exam day.

Graduate Nursing Readiness Exam


Helping graduate nursing programs evaluate new students in three key subjects.


  • Topics: Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology
  • Includes 100 carefully mapped test items with detailed explanations
  • Extensive use of “higher order” questions covering all cognitive domains
  • Strong emphasis on physiology and pathophysiology.
  • Available in test, study, and learning modes
  • Includes available supplemental “3 P’s” question bank with over 700 questions

Some advanced practice nursing students may be years away from when they took their pre-requisite science courses.  Our examination helps formatively to identify knowledge and learning gaps before classes begin!

Physician Assistant College Admissions Test (PA-CAT)


Now available for use for newly admitted students in addition to the general applicant pool.


Exam Master developed the PA-CAT in response to a need expressed by PA program educators for an objective assessment of applicant academic readiness.  With the high degree of variability in educational backgrounds and prior academic experience of PA school applicants, programs needed a better way of making accurate comparisons of candidate academic preparedness.  The PA-CAT helps solve that.  Highlights:

  • Covers 9 prerequisite subjects most commonly required for admission to PA school
  • 240 single-best-answer test items
  • Strong emphasis on knowledge application
  • Strong emphasis on anatomy and physiology
  • Includes genetic and statistics

The PA-CAT is designed to measure as objectively as possible a candidate’s academic preparedness so that admissions teams can more accurately determine which candidates are most likely to succeed during the didactic phase of their learning.

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