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Solving real challenges.

Exam Master has always been committed to helping a wide variety of health sciences programs – from medicine to nursing to physician assistant and more. This experience gives us unique insights into how we can support the complex mission of developing competent health sciences professionals.
Academic Manager Assesses Student readiness

Better assess incoming students for readiness.

Academic Manager Builds Better Assessments

Build better assessments for specific courses.

Academic Manager Benchmarks Students

Benchmark students as they transition from didactic to clinical training.

Academic Manager Better prepare students for Capstone exams

Better prepare students for Capstone exams.

Academic Manager Better Measurement of Knowledge

Better measure clinical reasoning and knowledge application.

Academic Manager Active Learning Strategies

Develop active learning strategies using advance test items.

Million Academic User Sessions to Date!

How do you measure success?

We measure success by how closely we can align what we are doing with what you need. Solving challenges and helping programs improve performance is what we care about.

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    Our supporting technologies

    Exam Master OnLine highlights

    Exam Master Online®

    Advanced Study and Board Preparation

    • Board prep resources for major health professions
    • Simulated board exams for quick diagnostics
    • Available Study, Test, and Review modes
    • Flexible licensing plans
    Exam Master OnLine highlights

    Academic Manager®

    Supporting a wide variety of electronic assessments

    • Translate learning objectives into content blueprints
    • Map test items to learning objectives and competencies
    • Develop a rich set of test Items for a variety of assessment types
    • Build benchmark, Capstone, and customized assessments

    Find out what we are doing for the programs we serve.

    Whether it’s helping programs deal with high attrition rates, adjusting to changes in their board exams or mapping assessments to learning objectives – we like to get involved.