Exam Master Pharmacy Pre-Matriculation Success Program

Helping Your New Pharmacy Students to Succeed!
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Now you can improve early student performance by identifying and correcting knowledge gaps before classes begin.

With a declining applicant pool and concerns about unacceptable student rates of progression and even attrition, pharmacy schools and colleges are having to make difficult choices in order to attract and admit sufficient numbers of qualified applicants. Many new pharmacy students will need support if they are going to succeed.

To solve these challenges, Exam Master, in partnership with LECOM School of Osteopathic Medicine, has developed the Pharmacy Pre-Matriculation Success Program. This 4-6 week self-directed review program will efficiently and effectively help new pharmacy students prepare for their early studies.

Four Keys To Pre-Matriculation Success

Covers The Most Important Pre-Requisite Subjects

Our program covers the key pre-requisite subjects that pharmacy students need to understand to succeed in their critical first year of pharmacy school and beyond. These include organic chemistry, biochemistry, math, statistics, and calculations.

Online. Self-Directed. Self-Paced. Available to your students before classes begin!

Special, easy-to-digest subject modules provide self-directed and guided review of key foundational topics and learning objectives. Students work at their own pace, online and on their schedule – saving time and improving readiness for the demanding pharmacy curriculum.

Specialized Learning Objectives Relevant to Pharmacy

Rather than a general review, the Pre-Matriculation Success program focuses on presenting those learning objectives within each core subject identified by pharmacy educators as most important for pharmacy students to understand.

Baseline Assessments, Quizzes, and Summative Exams Measure Learning

Pre-Matriculation Success is designed to reinforce learning, and measure progress through use of carefully constructed exams and quizzes. Students start the program by taking a comprehensive baseline assessment to measure knowledge gaps.

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