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Adopting Pre-Clinical OSCE-Type Assessments in Dental Programs

Better tools for assessing beyond knowledge and factual recall

Learn how the use of Advanced Multiple Response and Multiple Response test items can help you better assess critical thinking, ability to make a differential diagnosis, and other important higher level skills.

Dental schools have as their mission to educate and train competent dentists ready for clinical practice from the day they graduate. Assessing competence is a challenge at all stages of the curriculum.

The good news is that there are advanced tools to help provide dental educators with evidence-based data on competency outcomes. Use of Advanced Multiple Response and Free Response test items help to discriminate between students who are ready for their clinical experience and those who are not.

OSCE-Type assessments serve as a robust, effective and scalable bridge between the didactic and experiential portion of the curriculum. Learn how to better assess your students at this critical stage of their education and training.

We are interested in hearing how you are addressing these challenges and we’d be happy to share with you our experiences.

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