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Measuring Knowledge Application, Critical Reasoning, Clinical Decision-Making

Use of Advanced Test Items to Assess Student Clinical preparedness

Develop higher level assessments that go beyond multiple choice in assessing higher cognitive ability.

Most of health sciences education is divided into didactic and clinical phases which are often very distinct parts of the curriculum.  As your students progress from the acquisition and comprehension of knowledge to applying what they know, you need tools to help measure these outcomes.  Our advanced multiple response test items were designed for this very purpose.  They present students with complex clinical and interpretative information, and they are required to think, apply what they know, and analyze key information in order to answer the question correctly.

A primary reason these questions are more complex and act as good discriminators is that students must select multiple correct responses.  All answer choices are assigned positive or negative point values based on how closely they match correct and acceptable responses for the given scenario.  A key feature, the critical failure, allows you to automatically score a question as incorrect should a student select from the most unacceptable responses.

Check out our sample questions and let us know what you think.  We can show you these same questions in our testing platform, and help you develop similar, powerful assessment items based on the hundreds of clinical scenarios we have available.

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